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The Three Winners:

Jacopo Margutti (Netherlands Red Cross)

Kelvin Njenga (Kenya Red Cross)

Yasuhiro Soshino (Japanese Red Cross)

Enhancing Disaster Response through
Social Media Listening: An Innovative Tool
for National Societies

Jacopo Margutti, Netherlands Red Cross

Social Medial Listening (SML) is a suite of AI models and digital tools that help National Societies and the IFRC to analyze social media data and extract clear, actionable insights to adapt their programs. SML enables CEA at scale, amplifying the voices of communities, for the Red Cross Red Crescent to hear their needs, concerns, and opinions, and act upon them. Most recently, it has been successfully used in more than 7 countries in the context of the Ukraine crisis, monitoring self-help groups that vulnerable refugees from Ukraine use on Telegram.

Chat Care, an AI-powered mental health chatbot

Kelvin Njenga, Kenya Red Cross Society

Last year during the IFRC Global Innovation Summit in Nairobi, KRCS made an abstract presentation on the opportunities of AI to offer Mental Health Services. Fast forward a year later, we have Chat Care, an AI-powered Chatbot designed to provide psycho-social support to individuals, and is accessible 24/7 across multiple digital platforms including Telegram, Webchat, and Facebook Messenger.

A Case Study on the Remote Assessment in Disaster Affected Areas using mobile phone location data and AI

Yasuhiro Soshino, Japanese Red Cross 

In this project, we explored the use of AI to understand evacuation situations during disasters. AI demonstrated its effectiveness in evacuation drills and in the actual earthquake relief that occurred in January of this year. Based on this, this research proposed a model that utilises AI as a common solution to social issues both in normal times and during disasters.

The finalists

Forced to Flee

Li Nester, Swedish Red Cross

“Forced to Flee” is a reality based interactive video designed to immerse participants in the difficult choices faced by those forced to leave their homes. Drawing from the real-life experiences of refugees, the game aims to humanize the statistics and shed light on the personal stories behind them.

Use of Machine learning in mapping the casualties during conflict

Kassem Chaalan, Lebanese Red Cross

This Idea utilizes data extraction from social media to gather information about individuals mourned in posts from various organizations. The extracted data, including names, birth years, villages, and organizations, is structured and analyzed using machine learning techniques. The resulting insights are then visualized through a GIS layer, enabling spatial analysis of death incidents, and presented in a dashboard that offers comprehensive insights into trends and distributions. Additionally, a heatmap overlaid on the GIS map provides a spatial perspective on the concentration of incidents, aiding in targeted interventions and resource allocation in response to real-world events.

The +CO(mpensa)2 project

Paloma García González, Spanish Red Cross

The +CO(mpensa)2 project of the Spanish Red Cross seeks to offset CO2 emissions through reforestation. To address the challenges of land selection, Reförest, an application with artificial intelligence, was developed. Reförest streamlines land assessment, generating detailed reports on environmental, economic and social viability. It uses automated queries to various official sources and can be adapted to different territorial contexts. The reports generated are transparent and include contact details for submission to the relevant authorities. The implementation of artificial intelligence at Reförest enables efficient project management, reducing the time and resources required. The success of the +CO(mpensa)2 project and Reförest is a result of the teamwork of CRE’s environmental area.

Ai Powered digital platform that connects homeless

Mike Odhiambo, Kenya Red Cross Society

Ai Powered digital platform that connects homeless individuals to available shelters in real time. The platform also connects this individuals to tele- counselling services, pss support and family reunion and linkages. The platform has Ai components such as chatbots that use natural language process technology.

Moving Beyond the Word Cloud

Emma Smith, British Red Cross

British Red Cross: Moving Beyond the Word Cloud, how we are using AI to speed up qualitative analysis, creating insight and action from supporters’ voice. This project delves into the essence of why our Voice of the Supporter team exists at British Red Cross. This is to elevate supporter voices and perspectives within the organisation through solicited feedback mechanisms, primarily surveys. One of the ways we have been working is through new technologies like adoption of AI. With or partnership with WordNerds we have been able to streamline processes and look to enhance supporter experience. In the document attached we showcase our commitment to progress by illustrating how this aids us in analysing qualitative data swiftly, identifying trends, and informing decision-making effectively. We are excited to share AI’s potential for good.

AI Driven sign language interpreter

Elly Savatia, Kenya Red Cross Society

By leveraging advanced generative AI, motion capture technologies and automated 3D avatars, Signvrse envisions a world where the communication barriers faced by the Deaf and hearing-impaired population during humanitarian crises and everyday situations. Our innovative solutions enable swift and effective communication, ensuring that vital information reaches all individuals, regardless of hearing ability, in times of need.  Through collaborative efforts, Signvrse has partnered with the Youth Department, Red Cross Kenya under IFRC Innovation Soferino Academy on various initiatives in Nairobi, testing and iterating this software with communities in Dagoretti and Nairobi Our innovative approach has enabled us to develop tailored assistive technology solutions that facilitate seamless communication for the hearing-impaired, ensuring they receive critical information and support when it matters most. Together with the Red Cross, Signvrse is paving the way for inclusive humanitarian response, where AI-driven assistive technology plays a crucial role in enhancing accessibility and empowering marginalized communities

The Spell Platform

Simon Franke, German Red Cross 

The platform of the SPELL project connects rescue control centres, crisis centres and industrial control centres. This prevents time being lost when transmitting data and also prevents data loss. The platform offers the possibility of linking various AI services with the control centre systems. Be it live translation systems, better traffic and situation-adapted dispatching, the recognition of key terms for medical diagnosis or the sensible relocation of units. With SPELL, we are closing the gap in the communication structure between control centres, making them ready for the future and using the connected AI services to improve the care of emergency patients, ensure that faster and more targeted help reaches patients and thus save lives.

My AI Innovation Story

Simon Ashworth, Australian Red Cross

I am submitted my innovation story about my experience in designing and releasing an enterprise-wide quality RPA product. I consider myself a Red Cross Red Crescent innovator and technologist and am very excited to have the opportunity to share my story. I hope you enjoy the story.
Simon Ashworth

LMS add Zoom Session

Stephen Doherty, British Red Cross

We have worked with the Systems & Operations team in the Learning & Organisation Development (L&OD) department to automate the scheduling in of virtual learning sessions delivered via Zoom. This will improve accuracy and return 3,700 hours p.a. to the team allowing them to focus on more added-value tasks such as quality control, continuous system development and process improvements. The solution delivers an improved data flow and self-service user experience for learning teams across BRC who deliver facilitated learning sessions via Zoom, allowing them to schedule multiple occurrences of the same event in a single form, which are then updated in our Learning Management System by our bots.

Scenarios writing with AI

Matt Thomas, British Red Cross

An experiment in using generative AI to assist with rapidly designing scenarios for how the cost of living crisis might unfold in the UK over the coming years.

Increased reuse within Second
Hand with support from AI

Annacarin AF Forselles, Swedish Red Cross

The aim of the project was to investigate wether a AI-model will help us encrease the value within Second-hand. Second-hand stores are our most important local fund raising channel. Within the project, we have developed an AI model that categorizes gifts and suggests whether the donation should be sold in a store or not. Thanks to the system, we now have a database with pictures and information about donated goods. These statistics are to be used to increase the proportion of material that will be sold for recycling and thereby provide increased income for Swedish Red Cross. The knowledge we collected during the project, regarding system support, data on collected gifts and evaluation of work processes will be part of a decision basis for the sorting facility.

Using AI to Empower Volunteers: A Case Study of the Gambia Red Cross Society

Lamin Ceesay, Gambia Red Cross

As a first aider, I’m trained to provide immediate assistance in medical emergencies, from applying bandages to performing CPR. With a focus on rapid response and calm under pressure, I ensure people receive the care they need in critical moments.

Honourable mention

Great potential for further developments to reach maturity. Continue to inspire us.

Dianey Kaël MBA NGUEMA MAMADOU DIOUF, Gabonese Red Cross Society

Margaret Naccwa, Uganda Red Cross

Japheth Kiplagat , Kenya Red Cross Society

Duncan Kemboi , Kenya Red Cross Society

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