The Humanitarian Data Detective Game
Only on GOIFRC Disaster Response and Preparedness

Behind every data point, is a human story

We are pleased to announce that out of 235 participants who completed the game, 33 individuals achieved the correct results. Following identity verification within the IFRC Network, we used an AI-driven random number selection tool to choose two final winners who will receive the prize. The winners have already been contacted at their registered email addresses. Thank you for your interest and participation.


Ruth.C – British Red Cross

M.O’Ray – Canadian Red Cross

Only on the IFRC GO Platform

How to use Go

Check out the GO platform’s Resources page, you’ll find lots of information to help you understand how to use it effectively. Specific instructions for different features can be found on the GO wiki. GO is the Red Cross Red Crescent platform to connect information on emergency needs with the right response.

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