What is ClimateRed.TV?

The humanitarian consequences of the climate and environmental crises are affecting billions of people, and Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers are at the heart of action in their local communities.

In one month, we created ClimateRed.tv, so Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers and staff could be part of the COP 27 discussions, on 6–18 November in Egypt.

This online news station showcased a live feed at COP 27 and on Youtube, where staff and volunteers from the Red Cross and Red Crescent shared stories of their work all over the world, and engaged in a global live conversation on the climate and environmental crises.

Through ClimateRed.tv, we wanted to show the world the power of local action taken by our staff and volunteers all around the globe, and to encourage people to support and join us.

Watch all videos on the ClimateRed.tv Youtube Channel.

Red Cross & Red Crescent Reports

Hundreds of Climate Reporters submited reports on ClimateRed.tv.They talked about what was happening around them, climate-related innovation, climate resilience, challenges and efforts in their local communities and National Societies. They also asked questions, shared concerns, and engaged in a global virtual dialogue on climate and environment with delegates attending COP 27.

Innovation Challenge

EIGHT of the participants who presented a story of innovative climate project were selected to win CHF 2,500 to CHF 10,000 to develop their idea! Watch and support their projects.

TV Ads from the Future

Participants also created provocative, compelling and original ads from the future about climate and environmental crises in 2030, sparking discussion and reflection.

Thank you

To you, who have submitted videos: the success of ClimateRed.TV is your success. We hope you enjoyed creating content as much as we enjoyed watching it! You have told genuine, beautiful, moving, inspiring and sometimes fun stories to the world online, and have triggered conversations and reflections at COP 27. We thank you, and congratulate you for that.

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Big thanks to our supporters and partners for making this possible: