Anticipatory Governance

Anticipatory governance helps organisations make decisions and take action in a rapidly changing world…

By taking practical steps to link strategic foresight, systems thinking and organisational change, we can navigate emerging risks, identify opportunities and move early to respond to new challenges.

There is no fixed model for anticipatory governance. It is the processes, tools and culture that allows an organisation to understand possible futures and use that knowledge to make decisions.

Designing anticipatory governance

The Solferino Academy will partner with you to retool conventional decision-making processes to embed strategic foresight and anticipatory governance.

Our team works with leaders, staff, volunteers and the communities we support to develop anticipatory governance processes, from initial design and implementation through to testing and iteration of the new approaches.

We begin by examining some critical questions:

  • How do we prepare our organisations to respond to sudden shocks and ever-more complex crises?
  • How can we ensure our people have the support systems and governance needed to anticipate and respond to a rapidly changing world?
  • How can we successfully shift our culture and structures to become more anticipatory?

Developing and delivering

Our approach draws on our global network of experienced leaders, academics and change specialists to help:

Illustrate why anticipating and dealing effectively with emerging trends and possible futures is so vital.

  • Dive deeper into how other organisations use anticipatory governance
  • Design and test approaches to governance, planning and resource management which apply strategic foresight and systems thinking to strategic decision making
  • Develop the culture, mindset and relationships needed to successfully apply strategic foresight and scale anticipatory governance
  • Measure and monitor the impact of anticipatory governance

“Anticipatory governance is the architecture through which an institution manages to systematize the links between foresight, planning and the continuous shifts in action and policy.”


Strategic foresight training

Learning how to interrogate possible futures sharpens our analysis of a shifting world.We run courses tailored to your needs, from taster sessions to deep dives into emerging challenges using our creative tools and extensive expert network.

Anticipatory governance

We help retool conventional decision-making processes to embed strategic foresight and anticipation.

Our team works with you to develop anticipatory governance, from initial design and implementation, through to testing and iteration of new approaches.

Speculative design

Imagination and storytelling are vital for strategic foresight.We work with change-makers, speculative designers, artists and the IFRC network to explore possible futures and bring back art, fiction, and experiences from the worlds they have created.

Crisis Intelligence

Strategic foresight can directly support humanitarian operations.

We work with communities,  frontline staff  and external experts to develop intelligence on possible futures.These scenarios help shape service delivery and sharpen the options for action.

Share your ideas

We are here to make understanding and acting in a changing world easier for you and your team. We are developing tools, content and connections which will help us all. We want to hear from you. If you are pushing the boundaries, experimenting with new ways of working, or testing ideas which you believe will help people in the future, get in touch. Together, we will create opportunities to learn from each other and develop shared infrastructure that helps everyone.

“As a species we have never been more conscious, more globally connected, or more capable of radical positive change than we are today”

Jennifer M. Gidley, President World Futures Studies Federation