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The Impact of Transformation

We want to hear from you

Every person in our global network has a unique perspective on humanitarian action and our organisation

We are now running regular surveys to understand the reality of life in the Red Cross Red Crescent, the impact of changes to communities and the ways we work.All of your ideas will fuel the Strategy 2030 midterm review. These surveys will change regularly, so check back and keep sharing your ideas.

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The Humanitarian Data Detective Game
Only on GOIFRC Disaster Response and Preparedness

Behind every data point, is a human story

Study the clues below, and answer the questions with the help of the IFRC Disaster Response

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Insights from the IFRC Global Innovation Summit 2023

The IFRC Global Innovation Summit 2023 was the largest summit on innovation and transformation ever held for the network. Read about some insights and highlights, and follow us for more.

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Another level of reflection on innovation and change

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Humanitarian Leadership for the Future

When 2023 is the new 2030

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Strategic Foresight

It combines evidence and insight with scenario development and creative problem solving.

Young people can have a real influence when given the opportunity to do good. After receiving funding, coaching and support from the Limitless youth innovation programme, hundreds of Red Cross and Red Crescent youth innovators have powerful impact stories to tell us.

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Insights and Inspirations

The Solferino Academy is an initiative of the IFRC and its member national societies that aims to help the Red Cross and Red Crescent network anticipate, understand and adapt to trends and emerging issues

Our Major Partner is the Croce Rossa Italiana (Italian Red Cross)

Solferino Academy Selection

A selection of the best events from the Red Cross Red Crescent Network focusing on innovation, foresight and transformation. A curated collection from the Solferino Academy superstars and delivered straight to you. You’ll never have to miss a cool event again.

Solferino FutureFellows Programme 2022

An innovative professional development program for emerging leaders of the network of the IFRC

Case Studies

Disaster Preparedness through Virtual Reality

The Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross Society

The intensity of the natural phenomena in the Caribbean has increased in recent years. For example, since 2017, three category five hurricanes (Irma, María, and Dorian) have caused considerable damage to all the islands in the region.

Innovating to identify the most effective social change mechanisms to engage Roma communities

Romanian Red Cross

In Romania, a large proportion of the Roma population faces structural vulnerabilities characterized by the complex and continuous ethnic and intergenerational dimension of poverty.

Support for women’s health and autonomy

Red Cross of Benin

Red Cross of Benin has increasingly explored new and innovative approaches to try and tackle highly complex social and development issues facing people in the country. 

Trends and Transformation

The IFRC Solferino always experiment and develops new approaches to tackle complex humanitarian challenges. Following the trends and applying them to our own problems helps us prototype and imagine innovative solutions

Escape to the Future

An immersive humanitarian strategy game

Escape room visible during the General Assembly, Geneva 2019

The year is 2030. The last decade has beena struggle for the Red Cross and Red Crescent. You have the unique opportunity to travelback in time and transform the organisation. Your decisions will ensure that no one is leftbehind. Solve the challenges before time runs out!

Are you interested? We’d love to hear from you!