To be the best partner for the communities we support, we must anticipate, adapt and innovate.  Shifting Sands is a growing network of fringe thinkers, futurists, innovators and leaders from around the globe. It is a shared journey exploring how humanitarians can navigate deeply uncertain times. By collaborating to interrogate complex systems and possible futures, we believe we can all make better decisions today. Together, we will help the Red Cross Red Crescent network grow in confidence with strategic foresight and innovation so we can prepare for the challenges that will shape our world. Many actions will help us achieve this goal. We know many things are already happening in the humanitarian sector and beyond, and by working, sharing and acting together, we know we can achieve more.


Hourglass offers free advice on innovation, futures and foresight. It connects experts with staff, volunteers and leaders from the Red Cross Red Crescent network who are wrestling with real strategic decisions.

Future Routes foresight

Learn how interrogating possible futures can help can sharpen our analysis of a shifting world.

Read thought pieces, use new tools and join the discussion so that we can always help those in greatest need.

The Global Council

COMING SOON: The Council on the Future of Humanitarian Action is the catalyst for our global ambition. A diverse group of founders are helping sharpen our vision as we explore new options for humanitarian action.

Share your ideas

We are here to make understanding and acting in a changing world easier for you and your team. We are developing tools, content and connections which will help us all.

We want to hear from you. If you are pushing the boundaries, experimenting with new ways of working, or testing ideas which you believe will help people in the future, get in touch.Together, we will create opportunities to learn from each other and develop shared infrastructure that helps everyone.

"Things are getting better and better and worse and worse, faster and faster"Tom Atlee