Humanitarian Leadership for the Future 

When 2023 is the new 2030

“We can’t predict everything but we can have curiosity, agility, flexibility and drive to always learn”

“We can not anymore say ‘I am the leader and this is how it is going to be’”

“The future will require a more holistic view of human beings”

We are proud to introduce our latest Research on the Future of Leadership in the Humanitarian Sector.

As the world continues to face complex challenges such as (ir)regular and protracted crises, pandemics, and conflicts, the need for new and innovative ways of leading and responding is more critical than ever.

This research report explores the leadership skills and competencies required to navigate these challenges successfully. 

Let’s reimagine our work and rise to the occasion with new and innovative ways of leading and responding.

About this work

We conducted a series of interviews with senior leaders from National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and external experts to understand better what kind of leadership will be necessary to achieve sustainable changes in the future. 

This report showcases leadership reflections from the world’s largest humanitarian network and provides practical ways to strengthen leadership to become future fit.

The aim of this initiative is to inspire people across the IFRC network to engage in the search for and support of conditions for leadership to drive transformation.

“Powerful, provocative, inspiring!”

We are grateful for the support and guidance

Delvin Varghese
Action Lab – Monash University 

Mary Ana McGlasson
Centre for Humanitarian Leadership
Deakin University

Joshua Hallwright
Centre for Humanitarian Leadership
Deakin University

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