Did you say Limitless? 

In 2020, one of the most significant health challenges of recent times emerged in Covid-19. It deeply impacted every aspect of our daily life and, as usual, vulnerable communities were the most affected. Multiple lockdowns generated emotional, social, and economic issues, it also created a narrative that often painted young people as helping to spread the virus.

In 2021, the IFRC Limitless Youth Innovation Academy was designed with a capability-building approach to identify young innovators with ideas and build a support system for them. Over 1,000 young volunteers from 72 countries were part of Limitless.

All the Ideas

With an innovative multimedia production platform available in 17 languages, we reached people from low-resource environments. 

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Among these, 60 Red Cross and Red Crescent teams have received specialized mentoring and extra funding to develop their prototypes. 

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50+ experts in user experience, product design, innovation, and prototyping acted as mentors, trainers, and facilitators for the volunteers.

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Young people can have a real influence when given the opportunity to do good. Hundreds of youth innovators have powerful impact stories to tell us.

The Winners

After a year-long innovation journey, we are pleased to announce the final winners of the IFRC Limitless Youth Innovation Academy.

About Limitless

We called all young Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers and staff to see if they had a project in mind to help their community recover from the impacts of the Pandemic of Covid-19? If they wanted to bring that idea to life, then they just had to apply and join the IFRC Youth Innovation Academy!

They could submit your application in 17 languages (العربية | বাংলা | English | Español | فارسی | Français | हिन्दी | Bahasa Indonesia | 日本語 | 한국어 | ਪੰਜਾਬੀ | Português | Русский | Kiswahili | Türkçe | اردو | 中文), through a dedicated platform to submit the application by video!

Official Launch

31 May 2021, the first-ever IFRC Youth Innovation Academy is now open for applications

Start of Phase 1

June – July 2021, Webinars, inspirations and training

Start of Phase 2

13 September 2021, we announce the 500 selected to be part of the first-ever IFRC Youth Innovation Academy.

Final Stage

19 June 2022, we announce the winners during the Statutory Meetings

Mike Laster, Cyber Limitless initiative, Kenya.

“Thanks to Limitless, I became a project officer for my own project at a young age. I’m a changemaker” 

Esther, Girl and teenage mothers empowerment project, Uganda.

“Dont wait for a girl to become a woman before you can empower them, one life skill can change lives” 

Arthur, Girl and teenage mothers empowerment project, Uganda.

“Every girl has the right to safe , healthy and happy periods”

Farah, Digital Campaign project, Indonesia

“Digitalization allows many people, especially the youth, to be more connected and extraordinarily creative. Awareness and better values are spread through digital youth campaigns.”

Angellita, Digital Campaign project, Indonesia

“Let’s connect our social media with positive vibes” 

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“The power of digital media allows youth to work with no limits. Our digital campaigns  have reached more than 65,000 users.”
“The power of digital media allows youth to work with no limits. Our digital campaigns have reached more than 65,000 users.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, as a youth volunteer from the Indonesian Red Cross, I was seeing many young people in Indonesia having more and more digital activities, all day long, including online school, and they were scrolling social media continuously. Some of them were becoming less productive, and some started having mental health issues. Social media became the youth’s top activity in the digital space. 

How it Started

Watch hundred of Videos submitted, and be inspired by the energy and the innovative approach of our Volunteers.

Watch our Webinars

Limitless sought to support as many young people as possible worldwide with guidance, mentoring, workshops, and financial support.

The Winners

Everbody wins when young volunteers are asked to find solutions to very complex problems.

Read the Stories

The impact of the Limitless Youth Innovation Academy is already here and will continue to grow.