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Chief Explorer Officer (CEO) for Change

Employer: International Federation of the Future Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies

Starting Date: 1 January 2030

As we move into the new decade, the world is facing unprecedented challenges that demand just, innovative and sustainable solutions. The International Federation of the Future Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies is seeking a leader with the courage to confront these challenges head-on, and the vision to create a better future for all.
We want to hear from you if: 

You are fascinated by a constantly changing environment and are keen to anticipate early signals of change to turn them into new opportunities and actions.

Your leadership is collaborative and you intentionally share power and knowledge across the organization and partners and communities you are working with. 

You grasp complex links and interconnections across global humanitarian crises and engage your strategic mindset to set your team up for success in looking for impactful responses through experimentation and creative approaches.

You are passionate about creating an environment where innovation flourishes and have the curiosity and courage to seek out new solutions, while also having the skills to help others adjust to new ways of working.

You are able to cope with a high level of uncertainty and are comfortable with the unknown and constantly seek new learning opportunities.  

You have a proven ability to adapt to new technologies and the constantly evolving nature of work, with a deep understanding of the potential of artificial intelligence to improve humanitarian responses.

Your leadership prioritizes mental well-being and you take actions to strengthen the emotional health for your teams and yourself.

You are not afraid to take calculated risks, question the status quo and perceive inaction for change as one of the biggest risks.

You share commitment to prioritize and include the underrepresented and marginalized into the strategic and decision-making processes.

You treasure self-reflection and feedback and listen to learn and not to respond.

You understand the value of investing in local leadership and are dedicated to finding rising stars, mentoring, nurturing and providing them space to grow. 

You embody the values of honesty, commitment, kindness, and compassion as the drivers for change. You have a strong sense of ownership and accountability for your actions and decisions and do not hesitate to give credit where it is due. You believe that trust is a crucial element of an organization’s culture and are committed to fostering an environment where trust thrives.

Bonus points for you if you have:



A talent for turning any argument into a diplomatic discussion, fostering collaboration and mutual understanding.



A Hunger for new ideas and approaches, with a willingness to explore unconventional solutions to multifaceted challenges.



A strong commitment to regular relaxation and self-reflection practices, resulting in enhanced clarity and foresight to navigate complex and uncertain situations.



An ability to effectively communicate and connect with audiences of all ages, including fluency in abbreviations, emojis, memes and other styles with younger generations.



An ability to maintain humility and a sense of humor, even while holding the position of Chief Explorer Officer for Change.

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The above job description is what we imagine a future job description of a Secretary General of a Red Cross Red Crescent National Society could look like. It is based on the findings from our recent study “Humanitarian Leadership for the Future”, which interviewed senior leaders all over the world to get their views on what skills and characteristics a future humanitarian leader might need. If you want to read the full fascinating study you can download it here

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