ASAP, A Solferino Academy Podcast

Looking for quality online audio content focused on innovation and foresight in the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement? Take a break, hit that play button and enjoy ASAP!

Note: This recording was made exclusively for staff and volunteers of the Red Cross and Red Crescent network, we ask that you do not share it on social media or other public channels.

You are listening to the first recording of “Business Unusual”, a series of events where we convene pioneer leaders, high profile innovators and change-makers from very different sectors to talk with the IFRC Network leaders to explore what we can learn about leadership in contemporary times. 

In this episode, your host Gintare Guzeviciute will introduce three amazing guests : 

  • Cristina Bowerman is the only female chef with a Michelin Star in Italy. She will share her story of leading a contemporary kitchen. What does it take to create an innovative gastronomic space? What kind of leadership mindset and approaches are needed to be a champion? How does one monitor and keep ahead of culinary trends in a highly competitive market? 
  • Chris McLeod is the Strength & Conditioning Lead for the UK Institute of Sport. He prepares elite athletes for the Olympic Games and the World Championships. He and his team have used innovation, big data and technology to deliver more gold medals. How do nations compete in training their athletes and what are the technological secrets that they are not sharing with each other?
  • Vinod Kumar Rajan is a yoga teacher and a leader of a yoga centre in India Rishika yoshala. He teaches and shares his knowledge with students from all other the world, preparing them for their own yoga teacher journeys. What can yoga teach us about leadership? What kind of transformations can happen on the yoga mat, and how can these ‘on the mat’ experiences lead to broader social changes in our communities?