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Alexander Matheou, the IFRC Regional Director for Asia Pacific, has worked in the humanitarian sector for 20 years, both within and outside the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. He has worked across a variety of fields, including disaster response, food security, social exclusion, displacement and migration, HIV/TB prevention and institutional development. Alexander is a regular contributor of opinion pieces on humanitarian and development issues to an assortment of audiences and forums.
A look ahead to 2024 in Asia Pacific

A look ahead to 2024 in Asia Pacific

Dramatic shifts in power in Afghanistan and Myanmar in 2021 put the Asia Pacific region at the forefront of humanitarian attention.
Since then, crises in Europe, Africa and the Middle East have moved Asia Pacific from the spotlight. Still, any humanitarian involved in the region will have their work cut out in 2024. Here are some of the top issues we’ll be focusing on in IFRC.

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