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by Heather Leson | Jun 21, 2022 | Documents, Insights and Inspirations

Your Data Playbook is ready!  Together with 100s of Red Cross Red Crescent staff, volunteers and partners, we’ve updated the Data Playbook from beta to version 1. 

The Data Playbook is 120 exercises, games, scenarios, slides and checklists to assist you and your teams on your data journey. The social learning content is designed for teams to have discussions and activities across the data lifecycle in short 30 minute to 1 hour sessions. 

We know that you want to have an impact to support IFRC’s Strategy 2030 across the 5 global challenges and 7 transformations. The Data Playbook can help you do that with its adaptable design for your team and programmatic work across the data lifecycle.

How to get it

The Data Playbook v1 is available in both PDF and Editable formats. You can download the whole Playbook or specific modules to get started. 

We want to warmly thank the Data Playbook team, Module Editors, Contributors (Beta and V1), the Global Disaster Preparedness Center and our Donors.  You can learn more about our Data Playbook journey in these blog posts.

The Data Playbook is an evolving network of contributors. If you are using the playbook in your National Society programs and /or implementing a digital transformation plan,  please get in touch with the team –  [email protected]

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  1. Fred Marule

    Interesting and awesome!!
    This is the best of the kind as far as data management and policing is concerned. There is a lot that I have already seen and looking forward to learning on every step together with my friends and colleagues at the Uganda Red Cross Society.
    This should be our key tool as Volunteers and staff of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement where guidance could always be seek so that our data especially the assessments are at best per evidence sourced.
    Thank you all the brains behind this very important tool, this is a perfect resource we will utilize.
    Fred Marule, Kasese Uganda


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