The Data Playbook is ready

Improve your team’s data knowledge and skills

Data is a team sport

Together with 100s of Red Cross Red Crescent staff, volunteers, and partners, we’ve compiled over 120 short exercises, games, scenarios and handouts to help you and your teams discuss, learn, and share all aspects of the data lifecycle.

The Data playbook is like a Swiss knife for any organisation that wants to strengthen its data capacity. It contains versatile and comprehensive building blocks to support your organisation’s data journey.

Bertrand RUKUNDO

Data Playbook contributor, Burundi Red Cross volunteer and IFRC former staff

Download the Data Playbook now!

  • 120 remixable exercises, games, scenarios, checklists and slides
  • Sessions designed for 30 minutes to 1 hour team discussions & activities
  • PDF and editable formats

How to start?

There are multiple ways to use the playbook. You can use specific exercises or modules or you can review example workshop templates. We highly recommend you modify the content to suit your needs.

5 steps to build your learning session

Talk with your team and make a plan
Download, translate and revise the content
Modify and add your own examples
Organize your team meeting or workshop
Don’t forget to give us feedback!

The Data Playbook content

(See more details on the Data Playbook on the Global Disaster Preparedness Center page)

It's a Team Sport

The Data Playbook has been designed to be easily translated and adapted to your context. Your feedback is essential to identify what has been used and how, and to enrich the Data Playbook content moving forward. Don’t forget to share your experience with us: [email protected] 

Under a CC-BY-NC 4.0 License

Insights and Methodology


We are happy to share this 30-page Data Playbook Methodology Report, which provides insights and methodology, with reflection on the initial idea, pilot, beta, version 1, and the Data Playbook launch phases. We conclude with overall lessons that can be useful to everyone with similar goals.