Transformational leadership is pivotal for the survival of the National Societies

by Terez Curry | Oct 21, 2021 | Leadership Voices

Mrs Terez Curry, the President of the Bahamas Red Cross, shares her thoughts about the pivotal role of transformational leadership for the Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies around the world.

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  1. Jean Peterson

    Very inspiring message, totally agreed with her thoughts on transformational leadership in the digital transformation era.

  2. Otohiko HORI, Japanese Red Cross Society

    I fully agree all of what Madam President Ms. Curry said, and it is something in common across sister National Societies, irrespective of its size, region and the area of expertise. For instance, in case of my National Society in Japan, COVID19 has been posing us two issues of concern. One is how to continue fulfilling the auxiliary role to the Government. In Japanese case, it means the medical services to respond and mitigate the impact of COVID19 on human lives in the country through our nation-wide network of Red Cross Hospitals. The other is how to leave no one behind the pandemic. This segment requires us to go beyond the auxiliary role and be innovative to expand the outreach. This journey will continue in coming months and years.

    With this regard of innovation, Solferino Academy is providing a great platform to catch up and exchange views and learnings with each other on a peer-to peer basis among the National Societies. It is also a source of encouragement to continue our endeavours.

    Otohiko HORI (Mr.)
    Member of the Executive Committee,
    Executive Director General, Operations Sector,
    Japanese Red Cross Society


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