How can we Better Mobilise Communities?

by Solferino Academy | Nov 24, 2021 | Leadership Voices

A Series of Interviews with Leaders

Inspiring and mobilising volunteerism is one of the transformations in the IFRC Strategy 2030, which we have together committed to achieve in the coming years. But what does this actually entail, and where do we begin?

Any transformation includes changing our narratives and the stories we tell. Therefore we are happy to bring forward various leaders from both inside and outside the Red Cross Red Crescent network to share their thoughts, ideas and insights on various aspects of engagement and community mobilisation. 

Some of these interviews are more directly linked to volunteering, others speak to the broader changes sweeping society and the systems and cultural shifts we need. Nevertheless, we hope that you will find many interesting and inspiring moments in all of them and they will help you on your own journeys of innovation and transformation. The interviews can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Antoni Bruel, General Coordinator of the Spanish Red Cross talks very honestly about the 7 fundamental flaws that need to be addressed if we want to drive volunteering forward. Are we sometimes asking for a volunteer to speak more languages than we ask from the IFRC President? 

Jaweer Brown, Senior Campaign Director at Purpose org., brings their perspective on the role of leadership in community mobilisation & why it’s important to continue “hugging the cactus”. How to tap into the inherent power we all as individuals have and mobilise large groups of people to take action?

Atif Choudhury, CEO and Founder of Diversity&Ability, shares his views on what needs to change around inclusion for organisations to be able to engage with a public that has so much will to do good. What organisations can learn from the lived experiences of people mobilising and taking action during the Covid-19 crisis?  

Chris Jarvis, CEO, Realized Worth, shares transformative volunteering opportunities in partnership with corporations around the world. How volunteering is building the societies of tomorrow and supporting the shift in people’s perspectives, necessary for our survival as a species?


Kristina Meide, Secretary General of the Lithuanian Red Cross shares her reflections on what needs to be in place in order to better anticipate and mobilise volunteers once the crisis hits. How do crises help volunteering grow fast and exponentially?

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