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The National Society Transformation Challenge

Sponsored by the IFRC | Solferino Academy and the Italian Red Cross

The National Society Transformation Challenge

Challenge will close at midnight (00:00 CET) tonight, Sunday 23 April 2023

Has your National Society been undergoing a transformation to try and adapt to the changing world and the humanitarian needs we are facing?  Tell us about the transformation and you could be invited to attend the IFRC Global Innovation Summit 2023 and to deliver a presentation or workshop on your National Society transformation at the Summit.

We are facing an array of new challenges as a network including rapidly changing contexts, sudden emergence of new trends or humanitarian threats, changing patterns of volunteering and poly crises among many other changes. This means we are all having to adapt and to create more agile organisations with more innovation and more capacity to anticipate and understand new trends.

We want to hear about how your National Society is changing to meet new demands. Have you been transforming an area of your work, have you tried to change how you work, your overall culture in the organisation, the way you make decisions or use data and technology or other advancements?

Who can participate

Applications can be submitted by Red Cross or Red Crescent National Society volunteers staff, or leaders as individuals or teams who have been undergoing a transformation in your National Society.

Important: You should seek approval from your National Society before applying.

What to submit

We ask that you submit a video (up to 5 minutes in length), with a focus on learning and impact, and these should relate to the humanitarian aims of your National Society.

The video should address the following:

  • What is the area your National Society is transforming or what general problem are you addressing? Which of the 7 transformations of Strategy 2030 does your initiative relate to?
  • Why was it necessary to work on this transformation?
  • How are you doing it? What has been especially successful and what hasn’t worked well?
  • What are the next steps
  • What is the message you would like to share with other National Societies?

Check out our useful tips to take and edit the best video.


Submissions are accepted in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, but please note that if you are selected to travel to Kenya for the Global Innovation Summit then you will need to be able to work in English as no translation is provided at this event.

When to submit

Submissions are open from March 27th, 2023, until April 23rd, 2023 – 12pm Central European Time. 

How to submit

Click on the following button to register to the challenge and submit your video.

If for some reason you are unable to submit a video, you can send a one-page (500 words) written application or nomination (approved by the person you nominate) to [email protected] 

Challenge is closed

Selecting Winners

Three overall winning individuals or teams will be selected by the IFRC Solferino Academy team and offered an all expenses paid trip to come to the IFRC Global Innovation Summit 2023 with access to all the open sessions and a special ‘leadership focused’ event. 

If a team entry is selected as a finalist, only one representative from that team will be funded to attend the Global Innovation Summit.

Each winner will have a 60-90 minute space to run a session as part of the agenda of the Global Innovation Summit (The sessions are in English).

  • Applicants who have been shortlisted will be published on the @SolferinoVoices YouTube channel.
  • All winners will be announced by 2nd May.
  • Winners will be chosen by a panel of IFRC experts
  • Winners must be eligible for travel, including a valid passport.
  • Need help? Contact us: [email protected]
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