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by Solferino Academy | Sep 9, 2020 | Events

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To be a humanitarian, you need to be an optimistic

Francesco Rocca

18:44 (CEST) – 09.10

Innovation Competition

The finalistsThe PitchThe Results

13:30 (CEST) – 09.10

“I love that meeting”

Thomas Zahneisen
Director for Humanitarian Assistance German Federal Foreign Office

10:30 (CEST) 09.10

Innovation Pitch Tent

Hear some of the Innovative and inspiring ideas from around the Red Cross and Red Crescent network on addressing the climate crisis and you can judge one of the winners. 10 presenters from 9 countries will pitch their ideas (including 5 youth projects and 5 ‘General category’ projects). A panel of expert judges will select one winner from each category and the public will also select one winner by voting. Winners take home a cash prize. The 10 finalists were selected from 200 ideas submitted by 60 National Societies. Don’t miss this unique event highlighting the future of our work.


Don’t miss the Innovation Competition results tonight, 5:00PM (CEST)

09:56 (CEST) – 09.10

“It is just great to have quality workshops all day and night, it is addictive…”


22:25 (CEST) – 09.09

Thank you DesignIt, thank you Stefanie

Al Jazeera is live on Climate:Red!

19:37 (CEST) – 09.09 

Thanks IFRC!

The Secretary general of the IFRC, Mr Jagan Chapagain, is live.

14:40 PM (CEST) – 09.09


Plenary panel is up and running. 

14:24 PM (CEST) – 09.09

HRH Prince of Wales on air right now on

14:10 PM (CEST) – 09.09

And we are back

14:02 PM (CEST) – 09.09

Sorry, President’s speech seems to stopped, we are on it.

14:01 PM (CEST) – 09.09

Strong word from the President, F Rocca, on science and politics. We have to be on the right side of science.

13:55 PM (CEST) – 09.09

Soon HRH Prince Charles, and after, the Secretary general of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

13:49 PM (CEST) – 09.09

Thank you for your kindness and patience. The system is more and more stable.

13:36 PM (CEST) – 09.09

Sorry friends, we still have some problems. For some people it works, for others, it does not. We are fully committed to solving these problems.

13:24 PM (CEST) – 09.09

We are Live!

13:05 PM (CEST) – 09.09

We are Back!

13:03 PM (CEST) – 09.09

We want to thank you for your patience, and for your presence. Thousands and thousands of people are here, waiting like us. This is probably the positive cause of this delay. We can only apologize for this issue. 

12:52 PM (CEST) – 09.09

We are putting our best efforts to solve this problem. We are as disappointed as you. That will not stop us from taking Climate Actions!

12:35 PM (CEST) – 09.09

We are trying our best to solve this problem. We apologize to the people. Stay connected for the lastest news here. 

12:16 PM (CEST) – 09.09

We are still working on a technical problem. In the meantime watch our introduction video. And we are deeply sorry.

12:08 PM (CEST) – 09.09

Sorry, we have some issues with the platform, we are working hard to solve that problem.

11:48 AM (CEST) – 09.09

During 30 hours, The Red Cross and Red Crescent Network is united to talk about the Climate Crisis and take Climate Actions.

To keep a memory of this unique event, we have the joy to count on young artists who will visually record the conversation with a fresh perspective.

Follow this page that will be regularly updated during the Summit.


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