Hello, My name is Sidar. I’m from Turkey. I’m 21 years old. I’m a volunteer at the Turkish Red Crescent Youth University club at my school. I have been a Red Crescent for a year. We experienced a lot of things during the Covid-19 process. Our lifestyles changed totally. For example, we take educated from an online system on the computer. Also, I am a very social girl so I spend the whole time outside but I am at home now. Although we should stay at home, there are many people who need help and we should help them. Thanks to Red Crescent we reach and help them. The sense of help is the best thing in the world. Because we can empathy them and we can see their poor life so we thank god a lot. Thus I think that Red Crescent is a very good institution for humanity.

Sidar Yelken
Turkish Red Crescent
May 5, 2020