I’m a young Red Crescent Çanakkale volunteer İslam Akçin. I have a Young Red Crescent Çanakkale volunteer for about a year, and after I became the volunteer, I was assigned in Edirne İpsala as a part of the humanitarian aid project for immigration to Europe. When I listened to the story of a boy named Ömer who was sitting desperately with a broken foot on the border where there was no one in the world knowing about his existence. I found an aim that I could really serve, sacrifice, and briefly devote myself to it. I knew how to accomplish this aim well, but it didn’t last long, and we were confronted by the epidemic crisis a week later. However, this time, I didn’t know if I could fight because this virus which I haven’t seen with my eyes and giving more devastating results frightened me, but at that moment, I gathered up the courage with the desperation and the words “cowards die many times, brave once” ringing in my ears.

In the light of this crescent that has always shed light on my way for about a year, I have taken the place to take as a volunteer of a Young Red Crescent.
Currently, we have taken our place with dozens of volunteers in loyalty social support teams formed under the coordination of Çanakkale governorship. We reached tens and even hundreds of people in need, and as long as Allah gives the strength, we will continue to reach them, and I believe that we will be beneficial for these people. ??

İslam Akçin
Turkish Red Crescent
April 8, 2020