My name is Furkan. I’m from Turkey and I am going to tell my COVID-19 life. In the very beginning, when the virus hasn’t spread all over the country I was very optimistic about it. I was saying: “oh yeah, II will wash my hands, brush my teeth, will not hand-shake and soon it will be over.” With the time passing by, I figured out that it is not that simple, that this virus is more stubborn than I have imagined. Day after day the number of positive cases increased. First the schools, then, cafés, barbers, and that sort of places had shut down by the government. Then, I thought that yes now this is serious. My home is in the countryside. So I thought that I will not be so affected by the closure of places or staying away from the people. But the time shows me the opposite. Although we are in the countryside, even people in here do not get close to each other. Everything that I have told till now is about social life. There is also the educational side of the virus for me. All classes opened a distance education. But as you can imagine there are lessons that you can not learn from a distance. We also have no idea about the examination. It is all the uncertainty that make us uncomfortable after all. This is my situation. But if looking at the positive side I can say that thank God no one from my family gets caught by the virus. And I want to finish with praying that all the people that have the virus will soon get well and all that had die will rest in peace.

Furkan Tayboğa
Turkish Red Crescent
May 4, 2020