My name is Stanimir and I’m 25 years old. I volunteer for the Bulgarian Red Cross for 12 years. I am currently the chairman of the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth and volunteer for the regional branch in Ruse.

Over 300 people have been assisted by BRC Rousse in the last two weeks. My colleagues and I form lists of humanitarian aid beneficiaries, we pack products and deliver them to teams of addresses. Humanitarian aid packages include essentials – flour, oil, rice, beans, spaghetti, canned food, and more.

My motivation to volunteer and help is the need to support a vulnerable part of our society. Yes, our product package is for one week and has not solved the problems that the beneficiaries have, but it is a real support during the difficult period.

This kind of assistance is a sign of humanitarianism and empathy.

It gives light to believe that one has to promise in difficult times and to overcome any problems.

Stanimir Boyadzhiev
Bulgarian Red Cross
April 29, 2020