One of our biggest concerns is being able to help the elderly, especially in rural areas where the digital gap is even deeper. During confinement, we observed the need for people to get in touch with their beloveds far away. Not having the means to do so is hard for them to endure. So we make sure they can speak and watch their families using our own phones to set up a video call.

There’s so much emotion in those gatherings from both sides… you, as a volunteer take one step aside to give them familiar privacy but also to dry your own tears of joy.
This is the best reward one can have as a volunteer, to be able to help people in need of family support with a small gesture. It makes you think how lucky we are, so having the capacity to reach out to ease loneliness is a must. There are so many things we can do, our commitment towards our communities is being close so we can do what we do best, our volunteers work.

Mercedes Martínez
Spanish Red Cross
April 22, 2020