Hi, this is Hina Gul volunteer with Pakistan Red Crescent society since 2019. I would like to thank IFRC for giving me the opportunity to share my own experience in this epidemic situation. The thing which I have learned from the COVID-19 outbreak is to be calm, prepare for every situation and never lose hope in such pandemics. In the context of coronavirus my efforts, my beliefs and my consistency really make me proud. I was a part of the Pakistan Red Crescent screening camp which was held at railway station Peshawar, where I did screening of the suspected cases of COVID-19 and awareness in general public about COVID-19 precautions. The role of media was very disappointing and hard to cope with. Instead of giving awareness and hope, they terrified people which made our job more difficult. It was quite challenging to keep them calm and relax on having similar symptoms to COVID-19. Hope sustains the world one day everything will be fine. The China is the best example which make us hopeful that one day everything will be normal. The sun will shine again on our souls and will give us the opportunity to breath, innovate and lead.

Hina Gul
Pakistan Red Crescent Society
April 11, 2020