The stories of Red Cross volunteers during this pandemic are heartwarming and heroic. My contribution pales in comparison but still follows in alignment with the Red Cross fundamental principles and mission. When the schools closed In our province in Chanda, I realized that there would be many young children staying home alone or caring for their siblings with no adult support as many of the parents were still required to continue their work and families are often living far away. Despite the high standard of living in Canada, the vulnerability of youth staying alone in their homes without neighbors or family support can create significant safety issues for themselves and their siblings as well as a fire risk in multi-family dwellings. Our youth program group immediately began to develop an online safety program for school-age children to increase their knowledge and skills in safety and injury prevention. The lessons learned from this quick programming platform change will then be applied to the other programs offered in Canada. We are also optimistic that this online method of sharing knowledge and skills can be implemented in our remote and isolated Communities In the very near future as well because they are highly underserved pollination of vulnerable people.

As I said before, this initiative and effort pale in comparison to the other stories shared in this forum but it also shows the diversity In which we as volunteers participate and contribute under the same name and principles in Canada and around the world. We are truly one Red Cross. Thank you to all of you who are functioning in much more difficult circumstances and dire conditions. Stay strong.

Shelly Longmore
Canadian Red Cross Society
April 8, 2020