My name is Boyan Boyanov. I am a student and a national basketball player. I’ve been a volunteer for the Bulgarian Red Cross youth in Sofia for more than 4 years. So far, I have mainly helped with raising funds, supporting the causes of the Red Cross. In the current, difficult situation with COVID- 19 spreading in Bulgaria I am helping with delivering goods and essentials to people and families on welfare and those who live alone and are unable to go outside.

In my opinion, we have to work hard and be kind. That is the right thing to do – to help each other and to help people who are in need. We have to protect ourselves and our loved ones by staying apart, but at the same time, we need to remain united and remind ourselves that with kindness and hope we will get through this. Stay home, stay safe!

Boyan Boyanov
Bulgarian Red Cross
April 15, 2020