Hello everyone, my name is İrem. I have been a Turkish Red Crescent volunteer in Şanlıurfa/Turkey for 1 year. Before the first cases of the corona virus seen in the Turkey our society had already started to inform people. After the first virus case, many necessary precautions were taken for the people. After the government announced a curfew for elderly citizens, our society ran for the needs of our citizens who could not go out. With our volunteers, we distribute the boxes with hygiene materials and food to our precious elderly people. Meanwhile, we are experiencing many emotional moments. They thank us for supporting and being with them in this hard situation rather than the boxes. They pray to us. It is very happy and motivating to hear such good things from our elderly people. It’s nice to be part of such an act of support.

Stay healthy.

İrem Özkan
Turkish Red Crescent
April 8, 2020