Even though the COVID-19 crisis has presented us with many challenges and changed the way in which we perform, The Croatian Red Cross societies have come up with creative and innovative solutions as always. As with all of the crises we have experienced previously, such as the floods which happened in our country in 2014, we were immediately ready to help the people in need, in cooperation with other organizations and institutions. This time the situation was more complex, since the social distancing isn’t very convenient in a time when social engagement is important. Not to mention that the series of earthquakes in our capital city made it even harder for volunteers and staff to provide the nation with help. However, our preparedness, our previous experiences, and above all things our determination has helped us overcome these obstacles as always. The joy from the labor we put into volunteering is our reward. No matter how much work there is, helping society in its hardest times is what makes our individual lives meaningful, while boosting our collective progress as a society.

Jakov Zucić
Croatian Red Cross
April 22, 2020