My name is Aizhan I am 34. I started volunteering in Kazakhstan Red Crescent a year ago.

Employees of the Kazakhstan Red Crescent form a list of humanitarian aid recipients, and if there is a basket of products ready for delivery, the volunteers are divided into groups and go to the indicated addresses. We are instructed and provided with food and water, as the work is not the easiest. One delivery can take all day.

Despite all the challenges, I am ready to devote my time to it. Realizing that we are contributing to society gives my motivation. Yes, the product basket is for a week and would not solve the reason why a certain household has happened to be in a difficult position. However, giving products to the people in need, as a lonely grandma, who will turn 96 in the next year, and seeing how she smiles and gives a blessing, you realize that this sort of help is really important for her. She is not forgotten, she is remembered. This type of help is a sign of humanitarianism and empathy.

It gives a light to believe that people can unite in difficult times and overcome any problems.

Kazakhstan Red Crescent
April 28, 2020