I am a volunteer that grew up to become a member and now serving as a staff of the DM department of the NRCS. My family lives in states and out of my work base. The same scenario had happened in my work life but the COVID-19 pandemic was different as a result of the lockdown faced in some states of Nigeria including the FCT where I stay.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience, as assign to serve at this critical time supporting the communication, development of proposals and coordinating the Branches alongside other key staffs. Was never off duty throughout this period due to my utility essentiality and functions while being involved in different meeting with relevant stakeholder and the movement (IFRC & ICRC). I am happy to do more and will always be willing to serve humanity with pride and as for my family – my daughter keeps saying ‘Daddy I miss you’. My society’s secretary-general and other respected line managers and colleagues have been my source of inspiration as they appreciate every bit of energy deployed to serve humanity at this COVID-19 period and beyond.

Dauda Mohammed
Nigerian Red Cross Society
April 9, 2020