Hi friends from Turkey, I´m Merve. I wanted to share our story about Covid-19. What did we do during Covid-19? Our Covid-19 adventure started with the first case in Turkey, on 10th March. First of all, as we Turkish Red Crescent Youth Volunteers in Karabuk, we raised the awareness of the society with some posters, short videos, pictures, and a motto which is #stayathome. We wanted to be ready for everything, we started to collect all provisions that we had, and then we put all them in boxes, for use in an emergency. On 27th March 1724 Algerians were brought to our city by the government and they were hosted 14 days by us in the dormitories. We were just 4 people from the Turkish Red Crescent Youth Karabuk, and we served by giving three meals in a day for all of them. While we giving the meals in a day, we wore white coveralls, masks for protecting ourselves and we kept the distance. The people, who were our guests, showed their satisfaction every day and we all appreciated in every second that we served them. After 14 days of quarantine, they went to their own countries. Now we all are in dormitories again, for caring and serving 3 meals in a day for the people who came from the Czech Republic a week ago. Maybe, we don’t have any special memory with them but we´ll never forget those days. Our common wish is, get rid of the virus as soon as possible and regain our health.

Turkish Red Crescent
May 1, 2020