In the three months of 2020, our work has changed, and the work is not like a normal office rhythm, for which I love the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement. For its unity and diversity. From the very beginning, the Red Crescent team has done and is doing a lot of work with the public, the health system. I am grateful to all the volunteers and staff of this wonderful society. I admire our staff and volunteers in the regions who risk their health to help people even though they are waiting at home. I am proud to be part of this society and movement. I am proud to be a part of this society and movement. I am proud that the whole world is fighting against the Covid19 A cohesive and united work has helped us to apply new approaches to working with volunteers. We have discovered a new kind of volunteering, spontaneous volunteering. People, citizens just wanted to help, everyone wants to contribute, and we just couldn’t push it away. In a short period of time, we mobilized all the volunteers, applied a new training approach, developed mechanisms to work with the new type of volunteering, learned to work online. Every day, we fight this virus together, every day we learn a new way, every day we see smiles on our faces and every day we get better. All united, the virus COVID19 united us and all together we go under a common slogan “LET’S SHOW OUR TROUBLES THE RED LIGHT”!

Aisuluu Kangeldieva
The Red Crescent of Kyrgyzstan Society
April 13, 2020