I helped out delivering food parcels to people who were vulnerable and/or in self-isolation. I was very careful about social distancing but managed to connect with each family over the phone before arrival to arrange delivery. At times I was the only person they had spoken to for several days. It was so nice to be able to contribute and remain busy in a time when everyone felt so uncertain and scared. It was also good to be able to see that vulnerable people were being cared for in this way. Some people called me afterward to let me know how excited they were when they unpacked their boxes. For some, I think that the act of receiving the parcels was more important than the contents.

It has been a strange year, with so many bushfires and now COVID-19 has really impacted our connections to each other. Many people have no work and are worried and stressed.

I am now in quarantine due to work. Helping the Red Cross with deliveries assisted me with preparing for my own isolation so that I would remain mentally strong and able to adapt to challenges.

Hopefully, we will soon be able to get back to normal. It still doesn’t feel real.

Andrea Porteous
Australian Red Cross
April 10, 2020