Amal Fahmi Salem is from Bazzaria (Nablus Governorate) and has been volunteering with the Society’s branch in Anabta for over 15 years.

Amal recently came up with an idea to promote social solidarity in her village where COVID-19 is creating difficult social and economic conditions.

This is how Amal described her initiative: “I own a grocery store and as such I closely interact with community members who are all undergoing difficult times. It is not easy for families, especially mothers, to ensure a dignified life for their children in these difficult times”.

She added: “I wanted to help so I ordered huge quantities of fresh thyme and asked the local women if they would like to earn some money by helping me clean and bundle the thyme sprigs so they could be sold. They welcomed the idea and I was thus able to help in ensuring a decent livelihood for more than 15 families”.

Amal was very proud of herself and of her community members. She sees that such initiatives may help people overcome part of the fear and anxiety brought about by the Coronavirus outbreak.

“As a PRCS volunteer, it is my duty to provide social and psychological support in order to help people overcome crises that affect them and their children”, she said. “Volunteering reflects humanity at its best. It also helps us overcome our fears and enhances our awareness so we are better equipped to fight this pandemic”.

My final message to you all is : Please stay at home. For your sake but also for the sake of your family and your homeland”, Amal added.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society
April 28, 2020