Hi! My name is Sultan. I’m from Turkey. I’m 21 years old. I’m a volunteer at the Turkish Red Crescent Youth University club at my school. I have been a Red Crescent for a year. COVID-19 cases began to appear in our country so schools were on holiday. I came to my hometown. I went to the Turkish Red Crescent here. Even though people are different, sincerity is the same. I adapted immediately.

In our country, due to Covid-19, restraint has been imposed for citizens over 65 years of age. We knocked on their doors and learned their basic needs and fulfilled their demands according to their needs. It’s very pleasing to have a brief conversation with them. In particular, it gives us strength to receive their prayers. It’s a very precious feeling.

When the children see us, they start to call out “Turkish Red Crescent”. We are applauding and accompanying them.
It’s a very peaceful feeling for us to see them so happy. I found an aim that I could really serve, and devote myself to it.?

Sultan Kesici
Turkish Red Crescent
April 30, 2020