I isolated myself about 15th March worried about Covid19. I pulled my year 12 daughter from school to home school in her final year of schooling. Family, friends,
teachers couldn’t understand what I was doing, two weeks later it was normal, everybody was doing the same. I have found being scared than becoming proactive has helped me deal with Covid19.

I believe it has bought people together. I joined a homeschooling page for support. My daughter’s teachers have now gone online teaching, they sent her a positive affirmation card & lollies in the mail which she enjoyed receiving.

ANZAC day has been canceled I have organized a Street ANZAC day Dawn Service where everyone stands on their driveway at 6.00 am to listen to Waltzing Matilda & The Last Post.

I have been fortunate through the Australian Red Cross to phone people in quarantine. They have settled into new daily routines and for the most part, have accepted that to Flatten the Covid19 curve this is what is needed to be done. They have very much appreciated the phone calls on behalf of The Australian Red Cross.

I believe that although we are in isolation Covid19 has bought people together and people are reaching out and helping others. Together we will get through.

Melissa Menzies
Australian Red Cross
April 10, 2020