I had no doubts about what I had to do when my professional work as a theatre actor was suspended. My responsibility as a citizen obliged me to help in any way I could. I contacted the Croatian Red Cross, with whom I had previously successfully cooperated by performing in children’s hospitals and by making myself available for any volunteer work that would alleviate suffering. I was assigned to receive calls from people in need of help and to deliver hot cooked meals. The fulfillment I got is yet indescribable. Primarily it gave me something to do during a crisis, gave me a reason to go out, and not to sink into apathy. But those benefits for me are negligible compared to the benefits for those people who needed aid. They show that in various ways. A subtle smile, glittering eye, or simple “thank you” are enough to show their appreciation. That is the food on which we mutually grow in humanity. Hopefully, my cooperation with Red Cross will soon continue as it was originally envisioned and there will be no need for providing this kind of volunteer service. Until then I’m determined to do my best in becoming a better person in a better society.

Matija Major
Croatian Red Cross
May 8, 2020