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Looking for a creative solution to organise and hold an effective and engaging virtual event or meeting?

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Plan A contributes to innovation in the humanitarian sector

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“It really makes a huge difference. We will never want to work with anyone else!”

Anne, International Committee of the Red Cross

Plan A

A Complete Solution

Whether you want to organize an effective team meeting, an organizational transformation workshop or a global-scale hybrid event, Plan A provides a complete, tailored handling of your online event project:

  • Adaptation of your session design to the virtual space
  • Interpretation management
  • Interactive virtual engagements
  • Innovative online engagements
  • Insights and learnings to further enrich your future events and meetings

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    What our customers say

    Organising virtual events can be stressful, specially as tools evolve quickly. You understand that and you are always available, responsive and ready to make an extra effort and show attention to details to make virtual events as good as possible.

    Espen Rølla

    Senior Advisor, Norwegian Red Cross

    You are great technical partners for any meeting, no matter the complexity and language combination. I have worked with them on numerous occasions and they were able to rise to the challenge of remote conferencing as soon as lockdowns were enforced. The are quick and efficient, and always work with kindness and with a smile. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you!



    Thank you for your great support on the hybrid Oslo Summit 2021. A special thanks for joining in on such short notice and for lending us your expertise. I must say I’m impressed by what we accomplished together in a relatively short time. We couldn’t have made it without you! As Project Manager for such a big event, I appreciated your feedback so that we improve ourselves for the delivery of the next events.

    Ane Kristiansen

    Project Manager Oslo Summit 2021, Norwegian Red Cross