Dec 6 –8, 2021

Strategy 2030 sets a clear transformative agenda for National Societies and the IFRC to be able to face the emerging challenges of the decade and increase our collective footprint on resilient, cohesive and empowered local communities.

The IFRC supports our 192 Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies around the world to fulfil their full potential as effective and impactful local humanitarian actors.

We are committed to supporting their transformational long-term development and programmes; and we tailor our support to each National Society’s contexts, needs and priorities.

To gather best practices, share knowledge and lessons learnt, the IFRC is organizing Network:RED, a global National Society Development Event, during the following days: Dec 6 –8, 2021.

Network:RED will bring together NS leaders, Branch leaders and National Society Development (NSD) practitioners from National Societies and the IFRC from all around the world, around a global platform to debate the most important issues regarding NSD.

Network:RED offers a unique space for NSs to discuss NSD topics relevant for National Societies, shares new trends and ideas, and leads to enhanced collaboration and peer to peer support among NSs on NSD. The event will also be an opportunity to take stock on where we stand in implementing the seven transformations of Strategy 2030.

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