Innovation Competition finalists

by Solferino Academy | Sep 4, 2020 | Events

We are pleased to announce the finalists and the highly commended projects chosen by the judges for the Climate:Red Innovation Competition. The judges were really amazed at the extremely high level of quality of submissions for this competition and it was tough to choose some finalists. It is clear we have some great minds across this network and it is encouraging to see how we are pushing new boundaries to try and tackle the climate crisis.


These 10 finalists have been selected and they have been invited to pitch their idea at the Climate summit innovation pitch tent. They will each pitch for 5 minutes. There are two categories, the ‘General’ category and the ‘youth’ category. A Panel of judges will select one winner from each based on their pitches.

We also have an exciting announcement you will also be able to vote for a winner. During the event the public will be able to vote for their favourite innovative idea across both the categories and one winner will be selected as the ‘people’s favourite’. You can only vote for up to 30 minutes after the event and you can only vote within the climate summit platform so make sure to register now at

Here are the 10 finalists;

General Category (in no particular order)

  • Icelandic Red Cross: Sustainability fund: An innovative financing mechanism to find new ways to sustainably resource our work in climate.  
  • Colombia Red Cross: Engaging sustainable entrepreneurs in innovation hubs and co-working spaces to support start-ups and social enterprises and connect them to each other and the Red Cross.  
  • Luxembourg Red Cross: A novel approach to establish maker spaces post disaster to support communities in rebuilding and recycling the waste produced.  
  • Pakistan Red Crescent: Promoting action and changing the perception of people towards Climate Change and other environmental issues by raising awareness about how Islam gives importance to such matters.  
  • Ecuador Red Cross: Using Geothermal Resources in the Production of Tilapia as a protein source for communities

Youth Category (In no particular order)

  • Thailand Red Cross: A unique experiential approach that integrates VR with a Social Media strategy to promote and educate about waste and recycling  
  • Swedish RC and a California Branch of American Red Cross: developing a digital network of youth climate champions in Red Cross and Red Crescent branches around the world to collaborate on climate action and become advocates for change  
  • Tunisian Red Crescent: some highly interesting approaches to educating young children in schools about climate related issues incorporating a 30 day challenge  
  • Ecuador Red Cross: a clever approach to recycling, reusing and redistributing electronic waste.  
  • Italian Red Cross: an innovative and scalable gaming approach for young people combining an escape room with a treasure hunt across the city to engage on climate change

Some highly commended projects that we also thought were excellent and very exciting;

  • French Red Cross: GÉNies is an inspiring seminar and virtual conference that focus on Innovation and Youth. We particularly appreciated the scope of the project and its ambition to grow beyond its current European audience.  
  • Australian Red Cross: a very interesting approach that extends the concept of first aid to environmental issues, including eco-anxiety. We hope this ‘Climate First Aid’ gets developed.  
  • Malawi Red Cross: reigniting indigenous knowledge and insights to strengthen agricultural processes. We loved the use of indigenous insight!  
  • Netherlands Red Cross: ‘Urban Oases’: a cool approach to engaging young people to help redesign urban spaces to reduce the impacts of heatwaves. We would love to live in these spaces.  
  • Iranian Red Crescent: a large range of ideas from mobilising young people on climate change to reducing energy consumption and improving water filtration. There’s clearly great innovative thinking on climate going on in Iranian Red Crescent.  
  • Colombia Red Cross: a rainwater harvesting approach to improve water access in vulnerable communities. A highly worthy project.  
  • Egyptian Red Crescent: a water resource management module for school education programs, including fun gamification. A clever way to reach extraordinary numbers of young people in Egypt.  
  • Chile Red Cross: a number of innovative gardening and organic approaches to food production. A range of interesting ideas to increase food resilience and sustainability.  
  • Zimbabwe Red Cross: making better use of hydroponics systems for agriculture.  
  • Estonia Red Cross: An Artificial Intelligence solution to measuring and visualising waste and litter in camps and camp-like settings.  
  • Nicaragua Red Cross: sensitising young children to gender and climate issues.  
  • Zambia Red Cross: an admirable idea to reduce deforestation in highly vulnerable areas.


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