Future of volunteering

by Solferino Academy | Oct 2, 2018 | Thought Pieces

The future of volunteering

What might volunteering look like over the next decade for the Red Cross and Red Crescent network?

We know that volunteering is changing – the Global Review of Volunteering and the IFRC 2018 Thematic Futures highlighted a number of ways in which this is affecting the Red Cross Red Crescent. There are different humanitarian needs, people are living and working in different ways, and technology is changing how we are connecting to each other.

What major trends might impact volunteering in your environment in 2030?
What is changing around how people are choosing to spend their time, how do they want to engage and what is important for them now and in the future?

We are exploring questions such as:

  1. Will Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers be service deliverers or agents of change?
  2. Whose concept of volunteering are we promoting?
  3. What will volunteering look like in a digital age?

As part of the process on the development of Strategy 2030, we are re-imagining volunteering in the Red Cross and Red Crescent. Join us as we go through an intensive scenarios and visioning process to explore different models and structures around volunteering that will allow for an agile, connected and engaged Red Cross Red Crescent network over the next decade.

Adjmal Dulloo
IFRC Global Volunteering Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @AdjmalD

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