Have you ever experienced Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) training with Virtual Reality (VR) technology? 

In order to support the learning of proper response in a real disaster situation without bringing any harm to people, Asia Pacific Disaster Resilience Centre (APDRC) uses modern technology called Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality uses a gaming computer with a headset and controller. VR-based training in DRR has been increasingly recognised as an important and effective alternative to real-life drills and tabletop exercises. 

APDRC has three different scenarios. ‘Fire in a theatre’ and ‘Escaping from the ship’ were developed by a private company, while “Earthquake’ was developed by APDRC and ICRC together. APDRC has also provided VR-based experience training programs to National Red Cross societies in Nepal, Mongolia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

APDRC, Annual Report 2020

APDRC, Annual Report 2020

Asia Pacific Disaster Resilience Center (APDRC) for Disaster Risk Reduction and Community Resilience Building, jointly initiated by Korea National Red Cross (KNRC) and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

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  1. Dr Rizwana Wasif

    how can we attend the Virtual reality session on Earth quake or fire drill and First Aid skill based practices like CPR


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