Join a Global Team of humanitarian Signal of Change Spotters

The IFRC is joining forces with the Futures Centre, a global community to track signals of change and accelerate sustainable action, powered by Forum for the Future

What are ‘signals of change’?

“Signals of change are new ideas or innovations that could change the game for sustainability in the future. The change could come in ways that are positive, negative, or just complex! Wherever you look, signals are waiting to be spotted”. The Futures Centre



How does it work?

Get your Starter Pack

Read this simple guide to becoming a top signal spotter. Follow the steps and get started!

Start Spotting Signals of Change

After completing the ‘starter kit,’ you are ready to spot some signals of change.

Write and share them

Share your signals of change with the Futures Centre on Facebook, Twitter, or website. Make sure to include the hashtags #RCRCFutures and #signalofchange.

Read what others have spotted

Your spotted signals of change will appear at the Futures Centre website and in our research section.
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