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Phase two: Understand and Imagine

IFRC Youth Innovation Academy

Phase 2


It is time to dig deep and get hands-on opportunities to work with different tools through an Innovation Cycle.

Phase 2: Certification

We have an opportunity for you to complete 3 modules and receive certificates for each module. Each of the modules includes up to four live sessions that will help you understand various design and innovation approaches to your work.

You can choose and pick one, two or all three modules and attend each of the sessions in order to complete the certification process. Below you will find a form to register for this phase and access the detailed schedule. Please note, registering to this phase does not mean you have registered to an individual module or session. You still have to register for one or more modules and to attend all its sessions. Once a module is completed, participants will receive an individual certificate of completion for that module. It is time for you to register and access the modules. Good luck.