We won a ‘honourable mention’ in the IF Award

by Solferino Academy | Feb 1, 2024 | Awards

Envisioning the Future of Humanitarian Aid: Innovating Food Security through Foresight

Ben Holt, Yuve Guluma, with Patricia Mugenzi, Sara Gullet, Priyanka Patel and Derrick  Mugasia

This Red Cross Red Crescent project applied systems mapping, strategic foresight, and design thinking to generate innovative concepts for improving food security and livelihoods programming. Over several months, teams in Zambia, Malawi, and Kenya visualized the complex system dynamics driving food insecurity, explored plausible futures and community aspirations, and ideated concepts with diverse stakeholders.

The creative, experimental process embedded foresight capabilities within the National Societies and produced exciting, robust ideas to influence the system’s leverage points. There are now plans to expand the approach across more countries to ultimately transform global humanitarian programming, increasing community resilience and dignity.


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