Mapping sustainable supply chain initiatives in the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement

Greening our Response 

Take the Green Logistics Challenge! 

Show the way, become an inspiration to others (until May 15).

Help us promote existing models in the Red Cross and Red Crescent Network and try to win seed funding to develop your initiative!

Buying, building, maintaining or transporting goods for humanitarian purposes is inevitable. Many people in the Movement need to manage goods and purchases, therefore being part of the Supply Chain.

When involved in logistics and supply chain activities in the daily management of our humanitarian response, we all think about how to be more sustainable, achieving a balance between our humanitarian imperative, the environment, social equity and the economy.

Have you ever noticed simple ways to reduce carbon footprint and waste in the supply chain?

Do you believe small initiatives can make us all more responsible towards future generations?

Share your ideas here to help inspire others or to win funding (until May 15).

How to nail your contribution

Your initiative must contribute on at least one of the three pillars of sustainability




And can also

Involve Collective Intelligence

Be innovative, and introduce something new

Be replicated

Advice and Assistance

You want to participate, and you are looking for inspiration


You have an existing project/an idea in mind, how to best present it?
Have a look at how Nino, from Georgia ICRC office, presented his projects

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