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Designing 2030 Scenarios – September 2018 RSVP below


p style=»text-align: justify;»>What does it mean to be a humanitarian actor in the 21st century?

This workshop will build off the trends and analysis done to date, and start to explore visions of what humanitarian organizations and vulnerability can be in 2030. It will answer two main questions:

  • What are the implications of a changing, emerging complex future on humanitarian programs, operations and structures, both globally and regionally?


  • What kind of organization and network will we need to be to thrive in this emerging, complex future?


IFRC Geneva Office.

Rue de Prè-bois 1, 1214 Vernier, Geneva

If we are truly to be fit for the future, it is not enough to merely look at internal organizational structures, processes and policies.  The question of being future fit is also about whether we are fit to serve communities of the future. Are we going to be able to deliver the types of programs and services that future societies – whether in instances of deprivation, vulnerability, or in stages of strength and agency, will desire? Will what we have to offer, the way we work, compliment and meet future citizens’ needs, desires and the way they lead their lives? Will we understand the complex systems that exist which impact on humanity’s ability to flourish? We cannot solve the challenges of the future with the same systems and structures that created them.

Trends and transformations paper