Virtual Summit from 29-30th November 2021

The SMCC Summit will be held on 29-30 November 2021.

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Coordination has always played a crucial role in enhancing our Movement’s ability to respond to humanitarian crises. Over recent years, the Strengthening Movement Coordination and Cooperation (SMCC) has contributed to improving efficiency by enabling complementarity and reducing duplication. Now in its phase 2.0, SMCC continues to shape our Movement’s response to medium- to large-scale emergencies around the world.

There is still a long journey ahead before reaching the full potential of SMCC. Increased awareness, engagement and innovative approaches to improved coordination will contribute to this purpose, and this is what we are inviting you to contribute to by participating in the Summit.

We aim at providing an engaging platform to exchange ideas, and motivate and inspire one another to further improve coordination and cooperation within the Movement. We will share some of the successes that have been achieved by the Movement under the umbrella of SMCC 2.0, discuss the increased impact of these combined efforts on the people and communities we are here to serve, as well as the challenges that were faced along the way. We will be creating a space to generate innovative ideas and create renewed commitments to the SMCC principles and approach.

What to expect?

Over these two days, participants will have the opportunity to:
  • Engage in high-level strategic discussions on Movement coordination and cooperation;
  • Increase their understanding of SMCC 2.0 and how it contributes to enhancing operational relevance;
  • Be inspired by colleagues in the Movement who will share concrete examples of where the SMCC enhanced our Movement’s ability to address the needs of the populations affected by humanitarian emergencies;
  • Generate ideas on how we as a Movement can join forces to ensure continued and increased relevance facing today and tomorrow’s challenges.
If you wish to be part of our mailing list, please write to us at . We are very much looking forward to coming together and reflecting with you on how coordination and cooperation will increase our impact by leveraging the full strengths of the Movement.

Welcome to the Summit!

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