The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has disconnected people physically, socially, and emotionally. Together with the social movements in the past half-year, Hong Kong is encountering a double whammy. The accumulated emotions make it a very tough time. Without face-to-face interactions, psychological support services have become much more challenging. I have to admit it takes more time and effort to build the rapport with service users. Yet, this is also the time where we can see psychological support especially important and meaningful. “Shall We Talk” is one of the services we offer to the general public in which people can make an appointment for a chat with our trained psychological first aiders. Some callers shared that they seldom talked about their emotions. While some were in a lack of channels, some found it hard to share with their friends and family. Having a person nearby simply listening can already be very soothing. We hope to connect a bit with people’s emotions amid social distancing. At the same time, we wish to let them know that it is OK to have different feelings and they are not alone. Most people actually have the inner potentials, just that they may get lost in times of chaos. We just stay there and be with them as we believe company is the power. While everyone is fighting hard against the coronavirus, we fight the virus with our strongest belief in presence and connection. And every work of us is a reminder of our faith in humanity.

Leung Ho Chuen Carbo
Hong Kong Red Cross
May 5, 2020