Being a volunteer I have been involved in COVId19 sensitization since it started in our country Kenya. To start with most of my country people thought it was a joke but finally it hit my country Kenya.

As krcs nyandarua branch we actively involved our community members in our program of sensitization.I have been assigned the duty of training motorbike riders.some and a big number have been comparative to hear what I have to say to them while others rejects claming that the society should donate alot to them.from town to town I have volunteering to spread the news and especially the precautions put across by the krcs as well as ministry of health Kenya. In addition I took similar information to prisons in my area and they have been following the measures such as keeping social distance, washing hands regularly, staying home! Unless on duty! And coughing techniques

Joseph Kirundi Nyambura
Kenya Red Cross Society
April 7, 2020